At Bugsie's, we know how hard it is to wash your dog at home - the mess, water everywhere, escaping dogs. Anyone who has ever watched a wet dog shake excess water over the furniture after a wash, will immediately understand why a "mobile dog wash" makes so much sense. That's why we take away that very problem for you with our mobile dog grooming services.
Our range of services include:
  • Warm Hydro bath
  • Turbo Dry
  • Hand drying
  • Flea Rinse
  • Conditioning Rinse
  • Nail Cutting
  • Coat Trimming and
  • Microchipping Service

PET ID Microchipping in the home only £20 or £15 if dog washing done at the same time

The Microchipping Service is performed in five minutes in your own home. A small tag is placed just under the skin and is totally painless to your dog.

What can be more convenient than that! No stress from the pets taking them to the "vet" (not the most pleasant experience.) Microchipping is the most effective way to stop "pet stealing" that has become a problem to thousands of pet owners around Europe. With thousands of pet owners wanting to take their pets on overseas holiday this is an invaluable service that Bugsie's have added to their list.


Our Products


All the shampoos, flea rinses and conditioner we use are of the highest quality available. 
We can cater for all sizes and breeds of dogs.

The Hydro Bath and Turbo Dryer are our two main ingredients, a fast heating element is contained within the bath to assure that the water is always warm. The "bath" has been carefully designed over several years and, besides the Hydro qualities, it has a door so that bigger dogs can enter without having to be lifted. The Turbo Dryer has not one, but two powerful motors that will dry even a thick coated dog . The inside of the van  is  fully fitted with everything at hand for washing and grooming the dogs.


Book online or phone us on  01253 692922 or 07949 209085


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